Tips and Tricks to Avoid Hair Color Slip-Ups

Hair coloring is a simple way to style your hair without the mess of cutting it. There are several ways you can color your hair and this is extremely easy to do that you can even do it on your own. However, a common roadblock when coloring your hair is choosing the right hair color. Here are a few easy to remember tips and tricks to avoid choosing the incorrect hair color for your crowning glory.

1. Never get a new hair color that goes beyond two shades lighter or darker than your current hair color. Experts say that if you choose a new hair color that goes beyond two shades lighter or darker, the process of hair coloring will be more tedious and might not come out well. If you are going for a lighter shade, it is best to have your hair colored by a stylist since this can be more complicated compared with going for a darker shade.

2. Be cautious when buying hair coloring and don’t simply trust the photo on the box. Some photos found on boxes of hair colors can be quite deceiving that choosing one based simply on that may not end up as what you have expected. A better way in choosing is by looking at color swatches and the descriptions accompanying them. Good packaging includes colors and shade, which will help you find the best hair color for you.


3. Determine if your hair color is warm or cool. Warm hair color includes those who have golden hair matched by olive or dark skin, and brown or dark eyes. Most Asians, African Americans, and Latinas fall under this category. Cool hair color includes those who have fair skin, and blue or green eyes. By knowing whether you have warm or cool hair color, you will be better off in choosing the right shade that will match your overall appearance.

4. Having gray hair can be annoying but you can fix this by hiding it away through the right hair color. The easiest solution is to choose your natural hair color but the best solution is to go a shade lighter to give your gray hair an allowance to blend in.

5. Some women want to go over the border and get a red hair color. Many may think that this hair color is difficult to work with but it is possible to get away with it. To do this, you just need to pick out the right shade of red. To avoid any mistakes, consult your stylist.


These are just a few things to remember when styling your hair with a new color. If you think these tips and tricks are still complicated, another easy solution to change your hair color is by wearing a hair weave. Visit our online shop for a list of all hair colors that we carry in store.

Katrina Canlas

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