The Wig, the Weave, or the Clip-In – Which One Is for You?

Once you have settled that getting hair extensions is the best step in styling your hair, the next decision that you need to make is choosing which one among the three is the right one for you – the wig, the weave, or the clip-in? All of these choices can create a great new hair style for you, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one can help you optimize the advantages and do away with its disadvantages. When picking one among the three, several considerations must be factored in to ensure that you are getting the best one for your sense of hair fashion.

Many think that this is just an easy choice but in reality, the diversity of these three products makes it difficult. It gets even harder if you are new with these three, and have no idea about any of them. In making a choice, analyze first the pros and cons of these three choices. Based from this, you can make a rational choice.

Initially, you should know that there are two types of hair extensions, which are synthetic and human hair. Synthetic hair is cheaper but provides lower quality. It may not last long but it can be a quick solution without breaking your budget. Human hair offers higher quality but it is more expensive. Proper maintenance of this hair could give you a year of good use.

Let’s take a look at each type of hair extension and what each can offer you.

1. Wig – among the three, this one is the most widely used hairpiece. It is quick and easy to use, and it allows you to make changes in your hairstyle in an instant, as often as you want. It offers a wide selection of options in terms of length, color, texture, and appearance. It offers the longest lifespan among the three especially if you get the high quality ones. Proper use of wigs can appear natural and authentic.


2. Weave – you can use it if you want to change the length, volume, and texture of your hair in an instant. It is comfortable to wear since it is lightweight and unobtrusive. When worn properly, it can appear natural. Unlike the wig, the weave does not pose the risk of improper placement. However, weaves are tougher to wear and normally needs the help of a stylist. There are several ways to wear a weave, and the most common are through sewing, braiding, or gluing. Usually, the weave can be worn for three months then it needs to be reinstalled. Wearing a wig poses the risk of damaging your hair, which can lead to hair loss. Allergic reaction to glue is also likely.


3. Clip-In – this hairpiece offers almost similar advantages as the weave but it is easier to install. You can wear it on your own and it can be styled the way you want it. The challenge, though, is to find a clip-in that will appear natural and blend well with your true hair. You need to find one that does not only look similar to your hair but also feels like you real hair. The right texture in a clip-in matters to achieve a natural look.


Upon knowing these, you now have an idea about the pros and cons of the three choices for hairpiece. Base your choice on the information supplied above when picking out one among the three. For the best hairpieces, visit our online store.

Katrina Canlas

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