Human Hair - Learning About Remy Hair and Virgin Hair

When choosing a hairpiece to style your hair with, it is important to take note that there are two types – human hair and synthetic hair. In this article, we will be giving more focus on human hair. This type of hairpiece is further subdivided into Remy hair and virgin hair. Many people think that these two are interchangeable but there are notable differences that set apart the two among each other. Some think that Remy hair is a brand but actually it is not.

Remy hair refers to a type of hairpiece that possesses certain characteristics that make it uniquely preferred by many. Remy hair consists of hair strands that extend up to the cuticles and are arranged facing in one direction. This gives a natural look when it is worn. Moreover, this ensures that the wig is tangle-free and shed-free. This also makes the hairpiece manageable and easy to work with.


Virgin hair refers to any hairpiece that has been crafted without any chemical processing involved. Most wigs undergo chemical processing such as relaxer, perm, silicone, and dyes to improve overall hair quality. But this is not the case for virgin hair since it keeps its natural and unprocessed quality while providing a good quality hairpiece.

From these descriptions, it can be seen that Remy hair can be virgin hair and vice-versa as long as they satisfy the aforementioned conditions. Remy hair is virgin hair if it is unprocessed and virgin hair can be Remy hair if it is crafted with cuticles facing a single direction.

What is essential in learning about the two is that finding a hairpiece that is both can provide greater service to your hair styling. Yet, keep in mind that getting a Remy hair that is also a virgin hair can be costly but is a good investment to make for your hair.

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