Hair Care during Winter Season

Most women experience trouble in hair styling during winter season. This season is the most terrible because the strong blow of dry air on the hair tends to exhaust it, which can make styling difficult or worse cause hair problems such as tangling, shedding, and hair loss. To protect the hair and maintain it at top condition, the use of hair extensions is highly recommended. Healthy extensions can transform your hair back to being gorgeous. Moreover, several solutions can be done to keep your hair at its best and restore it in case it has already been damaged by the season.

Different type of hair requires different care during winter season. Normal and oily hair will need nutritional moisturizes during this season while thin and fine hair will need a good conditioner. Curly hair should make use of a special foam formula that will maintain the curls while thick hair will need hot oil treatment to keep it nourished from root to tip.


Let’s have a closer look at what hair care treatment suits your hair type.

1. Nutritional moisturizers for normal and oily hair include avocado and shea butter. These are natural solutions to keep your hair damp during this season. For best effect, make sure to shampoo your hair first before applying moisturizer. This will help the moisturizer stick better on your hair strands. It is highly recommended that you use a moisturizer at least every three days.

2. A good conditioner for thin and fine hair is one that is labeled oil-free. This type of conditioner keeps you hair healthy while adding volume to it.

3. A light, restorative foam is what is recommended for curly hair to keep the locks tangle-free. Usually, curly hair is required to be soaked on the foam overnight for the restorative property to work. After doing this, your hair will certainly look and feel better.

4. Application of heat is essential for thick hair, which is why a hot treatment is recommended. Hot oil treatment will keep the moisture go deeper into the scalp and rejuvenate your hair.

These are some of the few things you can do to keep your hair healthy during winter season. Another thing to keep in mind when protecting your hair is use the right weaves to keep it covered. Moreover, wear your hat loosely so it will not strain your hair.


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Katrina Canlas

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