Tips for Washing Your Remy Hair Extensions

The use of Remy hair extensions has been very popular nowadays. The instant quick fix they provide to make your crowning glory look charming has been one of the top reasons why many choose them. With the aid of Remy hair extensions, you can change your look as frequent as possible in the quickest of ways.

Remy hair extensions are also known for their high quality, durability, and natural appeal. It blends easily with your real hair and it does not make you feel as if you are merely wearing something artificial. However, to ensure that your extensions always look best, you need to clean and maintain them in the best way possible. Ample amount of care is required to keep the hairpiece looking healthy and beautiful. To keep it clean, washing it is needed but you must keep these tips in mind to preserve the quality of your Remy hair.


1. Before washing your Remy hair, it is recommended that you brush it first to remove tangles. Washing your hair without doing this can lead to shedding of the strands, which can result to thinner hairpiece.

2. Regular washing of your Remy hair is needed to keep it as its best condition. Just like your natural hair, you can run water on it to remove dirt. However, it is best to shampoo your Remy hair only once a week because doing more than that can turn it dry and become prone to breakage.

3. Apply shampoo to your hair in the downward direction. This prevents tangling and keeps the hairpiece on its natural orientation. Wet your hair and put the shampoo then rinse it with water.

4. Since your Remy hair does not have natural oil, you need to use a good conditioner to keep it smooth and shiny. This will also maintain the nice bounce on your hairpiece that adds volume to your real hair when worn.

5. Hang your Remy hair and let it dry using ambient air. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer to do this because the high heat can make the hair very dry that it breaks easily.

Remy hair extensions are investment for your hair and usually they come at a hefty price point. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you follow these tips to keep yours at its best and reduce the frequency of buying new Remy hair.

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Katrina Canlas

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