Hair Care Tips for Dry and Damaged Hair

Undergoing various treatments involving chemicals or heating tools can cause stress on your hair that can lead to dry and damaged hair. If not addressed properly, your hair can become extremely damaged such that it breaks easily even with just combing it. This is called shedding and it can result to thinning of your hair. Another problem is that your hair can also be very dry that it loses its smoothness, luster, and charm.

Though the effects of dry and damaged hair are irreversible, there is a way to resolve this problem and bring back the original beauty of your crowning glory. First thing that you can do is avoid these treatments that cause damage to your hair. You can still style your hair but without subjecting it to harsh treatments.

Another thing you can do is to rigorously and regularly apply mild hair conditioner to bring back the smoothness and shininess of your hair. This will improve the quality and health of your hair and by doing this religiously your hair will be soft and glossy once again.


Nourishing your hair is also essential in treating dry and damaged hair because aside from harsh hair treatments, not having sufficient nutrients can also cause these problems. The hair needs key nutrients including biotin, vitamin B complex, niacin, and protein. Lack of these nutrients can make your hair brittle and be prone to damage. To keep your hair moisturized, even the simple task of drinking water is important.

Other items that you can use to treat your dry and damaged hair include moisturizing shampoos, split end repair serums, and thermal protecting sprays. The serum nourishes and seals hair cuticles to keep them against further breakage. The thermal sprays can shield your hair from the damaging effects of hot styling tools. It is recommended to be used before blow drying or straightening hair. Colored hair can rely on mild shampoos and conditioners in keeping their hair looking shiny and healthy.

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