How to Maintain African American Hairpieces

Some women prefer a unique look by wearing African American wigs. Aside from the unique charm these wigs provide, they are also comfortable to wear. But they are quite tough to take care of because unlike regular hairpieces, regular and strict maintenance is needed to maintain the quality and texture of these African American wigs.


To maintain your African American hairpieces properly, here is what you need to do.

1. Brush your wigs using the right wig brush. Before washing your wigs, brushing it is recommended to remove the tangles. Wet hair is more difficult to manage and the tangles can cause breakage or shedding.

2. Just like natural hair, wash your wigs regularly to make them last longer. This measure is applicable not only for African American wigs but for all wigs in general. Washing your wigs remove all the dirt and particulates stuck on it, which leaves it clean and preserves its quality. Apply mild shampoo and conditioner to clean the wigs thoroughly, and leave them smooth and shiny.

3. Dry your African American hairpieces properly, in ambient air and not with the use of a hair dryer. High heat can make your wigs weak that lead to drying. This also makes the strands weak, which can cause shedding. If not addressed, your wig will get thinner and it will be unattractive to use.

4. Store your wigs in a proper location that is free from high heat and prevent tangling event when not in use. Keep them away from direct sunlight and put them inside a box or a bag so that they will not get trampled.

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Hair Care Tips for Dry and Damaged Hair

Undergoing various treatments involving chemicals or heating tools can cause stress on your hair that can lead to dry and damaged hair. If not addressed properly, your hair can become extremely damaged such that it breaks easily even with just combing it. This is called shedding and it can result to thinning of your hair. Another problem is that your hair can also be very dry that it loses its smoothness, luster, and charm.

Though the effects of dry and damaged hair are irreversible, there is a way to resolve this problem and bring back the original beauty of your crowning glory. First thing that you can do is avoid these treatments that cause damage to your hair. You can still style your hair but without subjecting it to harsh treatments.

Another thing you can do is to rigorously and regularly apply mild hair conditioner to bring back the smoothness and shininess of your hair. This will improve the quality and health of your hair and by doing this religiously your hair will be soft and glossy once again.


Nourishing your hair is also essential in treating dry and damaged hair because aside from harsh hair treatments, not having sufficient nutrients can also cause these problems. The hair needs key nutrients including biotin, vitamin B complex, niacin, and protein. Lack of these nutrients can make your hair brittle and be prone to damage. To keep your hair moisturized, even the simple task of drinking water is important.

Other items that you can use to treat your dry and damaged hair include moisturizing shampoos, split end repair serums, and thermal protecting sprays. The serum nourishes and seals hair cuticles to keep them against further breakage. The thermal sprays can shield your hair from the damaging effects of hot styling tools. It is recommended to be used before blow drying or straightening hair. Colored hair can rely on mild shampoos and conditioners in keeping their hair looking shiny and healthy.

To cover your damaged hair while in the process of treating it, you can choose wigs and Remy hair from our online store at

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Tips for Washing Your Remy Hair Extensions

The use of Remy hair extensions has been very popular nowadays. The instant quick fix they provide to make your crowning glory look charming has been one of the top reasons why many choose them. With the aid of Remy hair extensions, you can change your look as frequent as possible in the quickest of ways.

Remy hair extensions are also known for their high quality, durability, and natural appeal. It blends easily with your real hair and it does not make you feel as if you are merely wearing something artificial. However, to ensure that your extensions always look best, you need to clean and maintain them in the best way possible. Ample amount of care is required to keep the hairpiece looking healthy and beautiful. To keep it clean, washing it is needed but you must keep these tips in mind to preserve the quality of your Remy hair.


1. Before washing your Remy hair, it is recommended that you brush it first to remove tangles. Washing your hair without doing this can lead to shedding of the strands, which can result to thinner hairpiece.

2. Regular washing of your Remy hair is needed to keep it as its best condition. Just like your natural hair, you can run water on it to remove dirt. However, it is best to shampoo your Remy hair only once a week because doing more than that can turn it dry and become prone to breakage.

3. Apply shampoo to your hair in the downward direction. This prevents tangling and keeps the hairpiece on its natural orientation. Wet your hair and put the shampoo then rinse it with water.

4. Since your Remy hair does not have natural oil, you need to use a good conditioner to keep it smooth and shiny. This will also maintain the nice bounce on your hairpiece that adds volume to your real hair when worn.

5. Hang your Remy hair and let it dry using ambient air. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer to do this because the high heat can make the hair very dry that it breaks easily.

Remy hair extensions are investment for your hair and usually they come at a hefty price point. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you follow these tips to keep yours at its best and reduce the frequency of buying new Remy hair.

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Hair Care Tips for Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy hair is used by many women to have that instant Indian beauty without spending so much on hair products. Though Indian Remy hair offers a natural charm, it is quite difficult to maintain. Even if you get from high quality suppliers, the nature of this kind of hair extensions makes it challenging to keep it at its best. But once you become familiar on how to maintain it, Indian Remy hair can work wonders for your crowning glory.

To bring back your Indian Remy hair back to life, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1.       Brush the hair first before washing it with shampoo. Doing this in reverse makes the Indian Remy hair difficult to manage due to the tangles. With tangling, shedding is imminent and this can make the quality of the hair extension worse.

2.       Use the right hair brush for your Indian Remy hair. If you want to keep your hair at its best, it is highly recommended that you invest on a good hair brush. The right hair brush can help you easily untangle your hair and prevent shedding. If possible, invest on a heat-resistant hair brush especially if you usually apply hair products or heat your hair to make it beautiful.

3.       Air-dry your hair if possible and avoid frequent use of the blow dryer. Blow drying tends to make the Indian Remy hair very dry and weak that it snaps quickly. This can permanently damage the hair extension.

4.       Apply light conditioner to make the Indian Remy hair more manageable. Make sure to use those that have less or no chemicals at all.

5.       Remove the Indian Remy hair extension when not in use like when sleeping. Leaving it on your hair can cause damage to it and even to your real hair.

By following these tips, you can make your Indian Remy hair last longer than expected. For the best Indian Remy hair, visit

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Choosing the Best Remy Hair

More and more women are experiencing the benefits of Remy hair nowadays, which is why they choose it over other forms of synthetic hair. There is a large selection of hair products and weaves to choose from that offer different instant styling for your hair. If you are searching for Remy hair extensions or clip in extensions, read on to learn some important things to know how to choose the right clips and wefts within your budget.


1. Know the product – Remy hair is considered to be better than synthetic hair extensions because it exudes a natural look, softness, and strength. Moreover, it is easier to care for and to style because it is less prone to tangling and shedding. When you choose you Remy hair, be sure to find a brand that offers this high level quality.

2. Determine the right length – Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, you should settle first on the right length of Remy hair that you will buy. There are long and short Remy hair extensions so feel free to choose any of the two to achieve the style you are working on. You can also get both if you want to be playful with your hair and have a different look every day without visiting the salon frequently.

3. Choose the right supplier – The large demand for Remy hair extensions paved way for suppliers to offer this hair product, and most claiming to have only the genuine Remy hair. You should be careful in selecting your supplier and check their products first before purchasing.

4. Seek help from experts – After deciding on the style, color, and length of Remy hair that you like, finding a good hair stylist can be beneficial for styling and maintaining it. A good stylist will help you install the Remy hair in place while keeping your true hair and scalp in great shape. Achieving the style that you can like can also be done with great ease through the help of a good stylist.

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Amazing Hairstyle with Virgin Remy Indian Hair

Virgin Remy hair is made from absolutely natural human hair and did not go any processing to preserve its quality. One bundle of Remy hair comes from only one person and the most commonly chose by many is the virgin Remy Indian hair. Indian women are known for keeping their hair very healthy. Therefore, choosing this hair can definitely give a stunning hairstyle.

Still, Indian hair is not 100% perfect because natural hair may have split ends. Usually, these split ends are not trimmed to achieve a natural look. Indian Remy hair is merely washed, cleaned, and dried before bundling it into a hairpiece or hair extension.


Natural virgin hair is rough, but when you shampoo and condition it, it will instantly come back to life. The proteins packed on a good shampoo and conditioner will revitalize the hair and transform it into a vibrant spectacle. Remy Indian hair is totally natural so there may be deviations in texture and in form such as straight, wavy or curly. However, when treated right, the hair will be more defined, bouncy, alive, and beautiful.

The true beauty of virgin Remy hair is not kept by the chemicals to make it beautiful but can cause harm to your true hair and scalp. Remy Indian virgin hair can surely last for a long time with correct maintenance. It can even be reused even after a year or two.

Here are some very essential notes to remember when you buy Remy Indian hair.

1.       This is cleaned using organic shampoo and then it dried in ambient air to keep its good quality.

2.       Virgin Remy hair is not treated using any chemical products.

3.       Though it may have split ends, usually these are not trimmed to maintain a natural look.

4.       Virgin Remy hair comes in variants of straight, wavy or curly.

5.       Proper maintenance brings the hair back to life.

Purchasing Remy Indian virgin hair is an investment. This hair is 100% natural so it can be permed, straightened, curled, or dyed similar to your true hair. It can be bought in different volume and lengths based on your needs.

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Adding Life to Your Hair with Remy Hair

Remy hair is known to provide the best quality of real, human hair used for hairpieces, wigs, and hair extensions. It is created using only the finest human hair with cuticles kept intact instead of stripping them, which is commonly done in other non-Remy hairpieces. The cuticles on Remy hair face only one direction for a natural look. This is done to make sure that the hairpiece, wig, or hair extension remains soft, shiny, and tangle-free. It also appears as if it is truly a part of you and not merely an extension.

Some Remy hairpieces are not processed using any chemicals to preserve them and these are called virgin Remy hair. This type is usually more expensive but it can provide a more natural appearance to bring your hair back to life.

Choosing the Remy hair that suits you may be a challenge, but with proper considerations, you can certainly find the right kind to add life to your hair. Whether you get a Remy hairpiece, full-blown wig, or hair extension, you can be certain that one of these or a combination can make your hair look more beautiful than ever.


Once you have chosen the right Remy hair, you need to make sure that you don’t use any harsh hair products that can harm not only your hairpiece but even your real hair. There are certain hair products that contain strong chemicals that can make your hair dry and break easily. Worse, aside from affecting your hairpiece and your true hair, these products can even harm your scalp. Since you have Remy hair to help you add life to your crowning glory, it is very unlikely that you will need these hair products.

Remy hair is flexible and easy to work with. You can simply style it any manner you think is best. There are different length, color, and appearance of Remy hair. You can find short and long ones. You can choose from a multitude of colors that will match your natural hair color. You can also pick out straight, curly, or wavy hairpiece based on what style you want to exude.

Remy hair is an investment that you can make to add life to your hair. If you want the best Remy hairpieces then visit

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Caring for Remy Hair Wig

Many women choose Remy hair wigs because of the high quality they offer, which gives a natural-looking hair in the most long-lasting means possible. If you are in search for a good wig that you can invest on, Remy hair wigs are the ones that you should check out. They may come for quite a price but you can be sure that they can give you a one of a kind appearance that you can easily work with to flaunt your own style.

Since buying Remy hair wigs is an investment, it is important to care for them so that they last as expected while providing you a beautiful crowning glory. A notable property of Remy hair is that the human hair where it is made of is arranged in a way that the cuticles face only one direction. This gives a uniform and smooth appearance, which you need to preserve if you want the wig to last long. To do so, you should groom your hair with the wig in a way that the orientation of the cuticles is maintained. By doing so, you also prevent tangling and shedding of the Remy hair wig.


The Remy hair wig is no longer a real part of your hair though it may look like it. So you should be aware that it cannot get nourishment directly from you anymore. Therefore, you need to do maintenance on it to get it healthy. You can use certain recommended products that will feed your hair wig and keep it at its best quality.

Remember to remove the Remy hair wig when you are no longer using it. For an instance, you should take it off when you go to sleep since sleeping with it on can affect the quality of the wig. You should also protect it from direct sunlight since exposure to such can deteriorate the wig’s quality. Real, natural hair can recover from damage but Remy hair wig cannot so make sure that you truly care for it.

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Hair Care during Winter Season

Most women experience trouble in hair styling during winter season. This season is the most terrible because the strong blow of dry air on the hair tends to exhaust it, which can make styling difficult or worse cause hair problems such as tangling, shedding, and hair loss. To protect the hair and maintain it at top condition, the use of hair extensions is highly recommended. Healthy extensions can transform your hair back to being gorgeous. Moreover, several solutions can be done to keep your hair at its best and restore it in case it has already been damaged by the season.

Different type of hair requires different care during winter season. Normal and oily hair will need nutritional moisturizes during this season while thin and fine hair will need a good conditioner. Curly hair should make use of a special foam formula that will maintain the curls while thick hair will need hot oil treatment to keep it nourished from root to tip.

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