Is Your Brazilian Remy Hair Authentic?

Brazilian Remy hair is one of the most patronized hairpieces because of the quality it provides. It gives a premium hairpiece that offers a natural look that can last for a long time. Since it gives supreme quality, it does not tangle and it does not break easily. With proper cleaning and maintenance, it can even last longer than expected.


Due to its popularity, many claim to offer real Brazilian Remy hair. While some actually provide authentic Brazilian Remy hair, there are some who simply claim to do so even if that is not true. To avoid this problem, it is essential to know how to check for authentic Brazilian Remy hair.

Though the best way to check its authenticity is via lab tests, there are also simple and straightforward ways that can help you check quickly. One way is to examine the roots, from the middle shaft to the end of the fiber, using a magnifying glass. If you have a microscope that will even be better. An authentic Brazilian Remy hair has missing cuticles near the end and they are profuse near the roots.

Keep in mind that authentic Brazilian Remy hair is obtained from true human hair. This enables the appearance of natural hair, which makes it blend easily with your true hair. Sometimes it undergoes several treatment processes to enhance its quality and further strengthen every strand. However, virgin Brazilian Remy hair might be a better choice to maintain its natural quality. This hair never passes any mechanical or chemical treatments.

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Choosing Wholesale Wigs

Choosing and purchasing wholesale wigs means obtaining your hairpieces in mass consignments or bulk orders. This way of getting your wigs offers many benefits and the more apparent of all is the savings it can give you. Buying wholesale wigs definitely offers a lower price compared to buying them individually. This is due to the fact that it lessens the overhead costs such as packaging and delivery cost. Whatever type of wig that you get, including Remy and Yaki wigs, you can save more if you buy wholesale that in singles.


Sometimes wholesale wigs are also available with added discounts. This adds more savings to the marked down price of the bulk purchase.

If you use wigs frequently, it is highly recommended that you buy your wigs in bulk. But if you don’t use them as often, you can opt for single wigs since buying in bulk may not be very advantageous for you. Unused wigs may just end up getting damaged even if they were not used. Therefore, more will be put to waste and the savings that you could have earned for buying bulk may not be realized.

There are many stores that sell wholesale wigs. You can find a neighborhood store that does this but if you want a hassle-free way to buy them, you get wholesale wigs online. Visit to browse different hair wigs that you can choose to purchase. This is a trusted source of wigs online.

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Beauty Enhanced with Remy Hair

Remy hair is commonly known as the high quality hairpieces and wigs that women use to change their looks in an instant. In the past, people consider the use of hairpieces to thicken thinning hair or to cover up a bald spot. Today, Remy hair is part of a fashion statement that you can use to alter your hairstyle and enhance the way you look without undergoing rigorous hair treatments. If you are not satisfied with your hairstyle, you can simply pick out and wear a Remy hair that will achieve that look that you are going for.


Since Remy hair is made from completely natural materials, it gives a natural appearance as well when used. It easily matches your true hair and it blends with it as if it was a real part of your hair. The added beauty that Remy hair can give is truly unmatched and no one can easily notice that you are just wearing a hairpiece to change your hairstyle.

You can experiment different Remy hair products from full-blown wigs to hair extensions. By doing this, you can visualize which hairpieces are ideal for your look. You can invest on those that really enhance your appearance and use them as often as you should. However, keep in mind that Remy hair also needs to be maintained properly to preserve its quality.

Remy hair is an easy quick fix to enhance your appearance. If you use it right, it can really help exude your style without having to go to the salon every week and spending a lot of money for hair treatments. If you want to find premium Remy hair products, you should only trust reliable brands that you can find at

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Virgin Indian Hair – What to Expect?

The perfect hairpiece is one that is made from completely natural materials and has remained unprocessed. A good piece comes from only a single hair source to ensure uniformity and quality. Among the hairpieces preferred by many women comes from virgin Indian hair because it is known for its premium quality and health. Though it may not be perfect, its minor flaws can be easily fixed and can even go unnoticed.


One common imperfection of virgin Indian hair is having split ends. Since manufacturers aim to preserve the natural look of the hair, split ends are not trimmed from the bundle. This gives a natural appearance when you wear the hairpiece, as if it is truly a part of your real hair. If you are not good with split ends, you can trim them off once you purchase your own hairpiece.

Virgin Indian hair is also known for its course texture, which gives it its unique volume. Moreover, a course texture is a good sign that the hair is natural and unprocessed. With the use of a good shampoo and conditioner, the texture can be made more manageable like bringing back the hair to life.

The appearance of virgin Indian hair varies depending from the source. It can appear straight, wavy, or curly, but this allows you to have more options when buying one. Since the hair is kept natural, it will simply show how the original looks like. If you want to treat it to make it more charming and defined, you can do so but make sure to get the services of a trained professional.

If you are in search a good hairpiece, virgin Indian hair is a good choice. Keep in mind that the beauty of the hair is not hidden by the chemicals and treatments done on it but on how it looks when left as it is. Many women have already realized this, which is why more and more consumers patronize a good virgin Indian hair.

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How to Maintain African American Hairpieces

Some women prefer a unique look by wearing African American wigs. Aside from the unique charm these wigs provide, they are also comfortable to wear. But they are quite tough to take care of because unlike regular hairpieces, regular and strict maintenance is needed to maintain the quality and texture of these African American wigs.


To maintain your African American hairpieces properly, here is what you need to do.

1. Brush your wigs using the right wig brush. Before washing your wigs, brushing it is recommended to remove the tangles. Wet hair is more difficult to manage and the tangles can cause breakage or shedding.

2. Just like natural hair, wash your wigs regularly to make them last longer. This measure is applicable not only for African American wigs but for all wigs in general. Washing your wigs remove all the dirt and particulates stuck on it, which leaves it clean and preserves its quality. Apply mild shampoo and conditioner to clean the wigs thoroughly, and leave them smooth and shiny.

3. Dry your African American hairpieces properly, in ambient air and not with the use of a hair dryer. High heat can make your wigs weak that lead to drying. This also makes the strands weak, which can cause shedding. If not addressed, your wig will get thinner and it will be unattractive to use.

4. Store your wigs in a proper location that is free from high heat and prevent tangling event when not in use. Keep them away from direct sunlight and put them inside a box or a bag so that they will not get trampled.

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Things to Consider When Buying Remy Hair

If you are not familiar with Remy hair, it is considered the best for wigs and extensions as it uses high quality human hair. Each strand is carefully selected and the cuticles it has face only a single direction to minimize tangles and preserve hair quality. Though it may be a little pricey, many choose to buy it because of the added beauty and charm it can add to your hair.

Since buying Remy hair is a pricey investment, you need to be familiar with its qualities so you can pick the best one. To help you buy premium Remy hair, here are some tips that you should remember.


1. Know about Remy hair such as the trusted brands and the characteristics you should look for when you buy one. You also need to determine the length, appearance, color, texture, and shine that will perfectly match your natural hair. You can do this by judging your own hair and matching the Remy hair that you can find available.

2. Determine if your hair can handle the use of Remy hair extensions and wigs. Some hair can be weak and may be incapable of handling the use of extensions and wigs. If your hair is weak, it is not advisable that you use Remy hair because it can lead to further damage.

3. Pick Remy hair that can meet the style that you want to achieve. There are some Remy hair wigs available that offer flexibility in styling. If you can get one like this, it is best to do so because this will help you change your hairstyle as frequent as you need to without buying different pieces of Remy hair.

4. Choose the right source of Remy hair. Get yours from only the trusted brands and stores. For the best Remy hair trusted by experts, visit

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Hair Care Tips for Dry and Damaged Hair

Undergoing various treatments involving chemicals or heating tools can cause stress on your hair that can lead to dry and damaged hair. If not addressed properly, your hair can become extremely damaged such that it breaks easily even with just combing it. This is called shedding and it can result to thinning of your hair. Another problem is that your hair can also be very dry that it loses its smoothness, luster, and charm.

Though the effects of dry and damaged hair are irreversible, there is a way to resolve this problem and bring back the original beauty of your crowning glory. First thing that you can do is avoid these treatments that cause damage to your hair. You can still style your hair but without subjecting it to harsh treatments.

Another thing you can do is to rigorously and regularly apply mild hair conditioner to bring back the smoothness and shininess of your hair. This will improve the quality and health of your hair and by doing this religiously your hair will be soft and glossy once again.


Nourishing your hair is also essential in treating dry and damaged hair because aside from harsh hair treatments, not having sufficient nutrients can also cause these problems. The hair needs key nutrients including biotin, vitamin B complex, niacin, and protein. Lack of these nutrients can make your hair brittle and be prone to damage. To keep your hair moisturized, even the simple task of drinking water is important.

Other items that you can use to treat your dry and damaged hair include moisturizing shampoos, split end repair serums, and thermal protecting sprays. The serum nourishes and seals hair cuticles to keep them against further breakage. The thermal sprays can shield your hair from the damaging effects of hot styling tools. It is recommended to be used before blow drying or straightening hair. Colored hair can rely on mild shampoos and conditioners in keeping their hair looking shiny and healthy.

To cover your damaged hair while in the process of treating it, you can choose wigs and Remy hair from our online store at

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Different Kinds of Hair Extension

Hair extensions have become a popular choice for instant styling and quick fix for your natural hair. Using them does not only change the style of your hair but they also add length and volume to it. You can also copy the hairstyle of celebrities without undergoing expensive treatments with the use of the right hair extension. If you are searching for one, here are the different kinds of hair extensions.


1. Normal Weft – cheap hair extension that is made from low-grade materials that can be a bit challenging to style and sometimes may appear unnatural. It can be easily bought on various hair shops or even online. It is available in different length, color, and appearance.

2. Hand-Tied Weft – this type of hair extension is made from high quality materials, which makes it last longer than normal weft. It is easy to style and it easily blends with your real hair. It is often the chosen by professional hair stylists. Since it offers more than a normal weft, it comes at a higher price point as well.

3. Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions – this hair extension is installed by a professional stylist since they are semi-fixed into your real hair. When installed on your hair, it appears like a real part of your natural hair. Proper care and maintenance is needed to keep this extension at best and it should be removed or replaced after every two months.

4. Micro-Rings – this one is also attached to your hair, but is less invasive since it uses small rings instead of adhesive. Therefore, it causes less damage to your real hair compared to pre-bonded hair extensions.

5. U-Tip – This hair extension is placed on your hair by attaching the strands on tiny segments of your natural hair. With the use of high quality keratin hair extension glue and a special heated applicator, the extension is fastened on your real hair.

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Tips for Washing Your Remy Hair Extensions

The use of Remy hair extensions has been very popular nowadays. The instant quick fix they provide to make your crowning glory look charming has been one of the top reasons why many choose them. With the aid of Remy hair extensions, you can change your look as frequent as possible in the quickest of ways.

Remy hair extensions are also known for their high quality, durability, and natural appeal. It blends easily with your real hair and it does not make you feel as if you are merely wearing something artificial. However, to ensure that your extensions always look best, you need to clean and maintain them in the best way possible. Ample amount of care is required to keep the hairpiece looking healthy and beautiful. To keep it clean, washing it is needed but you must keep these tips in mind to preserve the quality of your Remy hair.


1. Before washing your Remy hair, it is recommended that you brush it first to remove tangles. Washing your hair without doing this can lead to shedding of the strands, which can result to thinner hairpiece.

2. Regular washing of your Remy hair is needed to keep it as its best condition. Just like your natural hair, you can run water on it to remove dirt. However, it is best to shampoo your Remy hair only once a week because doing more than that can turn it dry and become prone to breakage.

3. Apply shampoo to your hair in the downward direction. This prevents tangling and keeps the hairpiece on its natural orientation. Wet your hair and put the shampoo then rinse it with water.

4. Since your Remy hair does not have natural oil, you need to use a good conditioner to keep it smooth and shiny. This will also maintain the nice bounce on your hairpiece that adds volume to your real hair when worn.

5. Hang your Remy hair and let it dry using ambient air. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer to do this because the high heat can make the hair very dry that it breaks easily.

Remy hair extensions are investment for your hair and usually they come at a hefty price point. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you follow these tips to keep yours at its best and reduce the frequency of buying new Remy hair.

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A Weave Using Your Remy Hair

Remy hair is a type of hairpiece or hair extension where the hair is bundled in such a way that the cuticles face in one direction to ensure of its quality and prevent tangling. Remy hair has two forms – processed and unprocessed variants. The unprocessed variant, which has not undergone chemical treatment or dying, is called virgin Remy hair.

According to stylists and other hair professionals, Remy hair is one of the top choices for wigs and hair extensions. It is considered the best because of the premium human hair used for creating it. Even if you go inside various salons, they would certainly recommend this to you. Remy hair is easy to style and it lasts a long time even if you use it frequently. With proper hair care, it can even last longer than expected.

Remy hair is crafted from natural materials and only healthy human hair is used to create it. The weft and cuticles on the hair are kept intact so that if you use it, it will appear natural. You can even comb it and treat it like your true hair.

There are many sources for the materials used in creating Remy hair and the most popular is Indian hair. The unique color and texture of Indian hair make it a topmost option for crafting Remy hair extensions. Moreover, Indian hair is truly healthy, which allows it to last a long time even when it already has been transformed as a Remy hairpiece. Next to Indian hair, Brazilian hair is also used for this kind of hairpiece. The quality of Brazilian hair makes it stand out and lets you exude a Western look instantly.

A hair weave is a treatment done to make the hair look and feel longer and thicker. It helps in adding volume to your hair and it can be done for both your real hair and Remy hair. If you want to get a weave, make sure to seek help from a professional stylist.

Many people get a weave because they want to have longer and thicker hair. Some get a hair weave to change the texture of their real hair. For the second reason, a different hairpiece is woven into the natural hair. You have the option to choose any color, length, and texture that will match your style. For instance, a natural blonde with short curly hair can get a hair weave that will give her with black straight hair.

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Hair Care Tips for Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy hair is used by many women to have that instant Indian beauty without spending so much on hair products. Though Indian Remy hair offers a natural charm, it is quite difficult to maintain. Even if you get from high quality suppliers, the nature of this kind of hair extensions makes it challenging to keep it at its best. But once you become familiar on how to maintain it, Indian Remy hair can work wonders for your crowning glory.

To bring back your Indian Remy hair back to life, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1.       Brush the hair first before washing it with shampoo. Doing this in reverse makes the Indian Remy hair difficult to manage due to the tangles. With tangling, shedding is imminent and this can make the quality of the hair extension worse.

2.       Use the right hair brush for your Indian Remy hair. If you want to keep your hair at its best, it is highly recommended that you invest on a good hair brush. The right hair brush can help you easily untangle your hair and prevent shedding. If possible, invest on a heat-resistant hair brush especially if you usually apply hair products or heat your hair to make it beautiful.

3.       Air-dry your hair if possible and avoid frequent use of the blow dryer. Blow drying tends to make the Indian Remy hair very dry and weak that it snaps quickly. This can permanently damage the hair extension.

4.       Apply light conditioner to make the Indian Remy hair more manageable. Make sure to use those that have less or no chemicals at all.

5.       Remove the Indian Remy hair extension when not in use like when sleeping. Leaving it on your hair can cause damage to it and even to your real hair.

By following these tips, you can make your Indian Remy hair last longer than expected. For the best Indian Remy hair, visit

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Choosing the Best Remy Hair

More and more women are experiencing the benefits of Remy hair nowadays, which is why they choose it over other forms of synthetic hair. There is a large selection of hair products and weaves to choose from that offer different instant styling for your hair. If you are searching for Remy hair extensions or clip in extensions, read on to learn some important things to know how to choose the right clips and wefts within your budget.


1. Know the product – Remy hair is considered to be better than synthetic hair extensions because it exudes a natural look, softness, and strength. Moreover, it is easier to care for and to style because it is less prone to tangling and shedding. When you choose you Remy hair, be sure to find a brand that offers this high level quality.

2. Determine the right length – Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, you should settle first on the right length of Remy hair that you will buy. There are long and short Remy hair extensions so feel free to choose any of the two to achieve the style you are working on. You can also get both if you want to be playful with your hair and have a different look every day without visiting the salon frequently.

3. Choose the right supplier – The large demand for Remy hair extensions paved way for suppliers to offer this hair product, and most claiming to have only the genuine Remy hair. You should be careful in selecting your supplier and check their products first before purchasing.

4. Seek help from experts – After deciding on the style, color, and length of Remy hair that you like, finding a good hair stylist can be beneficial for styling and maintaining it. A good stylist will help you install the Remy hair in place while keeping your true hair and scalp in great shape. Achieving the style that you can like can also be done with great ease through the help of a good stylist.

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