Bath Bomb; Large Healing Bath Fizzy Made with Organic & Natural Ingredients; Best Luxury Bomb for a Relaxing, Unwinding Spa Soak; Fragrant Aromatherapy Lush Scents (Bedtime Ritual)


Brand: Beauty by Earth


  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Our bath bombs are made with the best organic ingredients and essential oils. Ingredients include Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Kaolin Clay, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E and their own blends of Essential Oils. Our bombs are naturally colored and do not contain any chemical fragrance or artificial colors.
  • HEALING, DETOXIFYING & MOISTURIZING: Each of our bath bombs have a unique healing and aromatherapy quality about them. These are the da bomb bath fizzies for that special romantic occasion or making someone very happy for Valentines.
  • PERSONALIZED UNIQUE SURPRISE: These luxurious fizzers will send your gift-giving skills to the next level. Give Dad the gift of unwinding for Father's Day. Give Mom the gift of bath time bliss on Mother's Day. Give the kids and teens a fun, fizzy ball that makes bath time more exciting. Gift them to friends and family for Christmas or the Holidays. Decorative packaging makes for the perfect stocking stuffer.
  • LARGE FULL SIZE BATH BOMBS: Our moisturizing bath bombs are 4.2 ounces each. After dropping them in the bath and soaking you will step out with soft, supple and moisturized skin.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our bath bombs are MADE IN THE USA and are individually wrapped and packaged by hand. All of our products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Beauty by Earth's Bath Bombs are sure to make an impression when given as a gift to a co-worker, parent, friend or loved one.

Choose 6 different aromatherapy bombs, all moisturizing. One of these bath fizzies will surely hit the spot. Muscle aches from a good workout? Pick out the Muscle Relief or Just Relax bath bomb to do the trick. Maybe you just need to unwind? Simply pop in the Just Relax or Bedtime Ritual and you are all set.

Our Bath Bombs are the perfect companion for an otherwise boring bath time. Bath time is a big deal, a big relaxing deal and bath bombs will add some serious umph! Whether your soaking adventures are to relax, unwind or detox, our bath bombs will infuse your tub with essential oils, clays, butters, flower petals and fizz for entertainment. Turn your bath into a soothing, healing and moisturizing experience!

Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs are the perfect companion for an otherwise boring bath time.

Here's to a little bit of "you time". Cheers!

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