Bobbi Boss Escara Synthetic Hair Wig - Sapia

Color:Dark Choco Color DescriptionExpresso - #1 Jet BlackCappucino - #1B Off BlackDark Choco - #2 Dark BrownESCARA MAXIMUM STYLE & PERFORMANCE WIG-Sweat-free wear with moisture managing cap-Light weight wig for comfortable all day wear-Sophisticated color blend for sophisticated style-Extra hair weft added for volume & style-Most natural look with cap-covering filler hairMoisture Wicking Cap SystemThe cap is made of moisture-managing fabric that effectively wicks moisture (such as sweat and humidity) out of the skin and helps evaporate moisture quicker. At the same time, moisture-managing fabric cap moves air inwards, so you will stay fresh and cool with total comfort without worries of discomforting factors such as sweaty scalp & itchiness.Light & Fresh as AirThe hair is super light with supreme breathability. The weight of the cap & fiber has been notably reduced, so you will feel comfortable all day long. The innovative thin-wefting system enhances the volume & makes the style more natural, yet with less weight and secure fitting!Naturally Illuminating HairThis means that not only the hair is made from cutting edge technology with highest quality fiber that superbly replicates the natural flow and style manageability of natural hair, but it also has been crated by the master color blending technique that will bring out the shimmering, prismatic color. You can say the flat, dull & bulky looking hair good bye!Caring Instruction1. Finger comb gently to detangle hair2. Soak and wash in lukewarm water3. Use mild shampoo4. Rinse carefully without squeezing or pulling5. Towel blot hair & dry flat6. Shake hair lightly to reshape after drying

  • Comb Location: None
  • Adjustable Strap: Yes
  • Drawstring: No
  • Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand. Circumference: 21.25" Ear To Ear: 13.5" Front To Back 14.25"
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