BOBBI BOSS Synthetic Full Wig - M478 TOBI

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BOBBI BOSS Synthetic Full Wig - M478 TOBI

* All of Bobbi Boss premium synthetic wigs are crafted with premium quality synthetic fiber for natural-looking style and easy care.
* Choose from hundereds of styels and color choices to express your fashion
* Bobby Boss wigs are comfortable to wear with secure inner comb fitting and adjustable band system

Synthetic Hair Care Instruction

1. Brush gently before washing.
2. Cleanse wig in cool water with wig shampoo.
3. A wig conditioner can also be used using cool water. Rinse Thoroughly.
4. Gently pat out excess water with a towel.
5. Shake wig vigorously and hang upside down to air-dry.(usually overnight)
6. Air dry at room temperature on a plastic wig stand.

  • Bobbi Boss
  • Premium Synthetic
  • Short
  • Curly
  • Wig
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