MLF137 Lace Front wig [MIGNON] Color TT1B/DTEAL

"Bobbi Boss, MIGNON, is very authentic Stylish Trendy look. Super Bomb Lace Front Wig! Easy to style!" "It is a popular item so BE BEAUTIFUL with MIGNON lace front wig! :) " Bobbi Boss Synthetic Lace Front Wig MLF137 Swiss Lace Mignon Hand Made Swiss Lace Deep Part with Natural Curve 5" Deep Premium Hi-Heat Fiber : Safe Heat Styling Lace Front wigs give you the most natural hairline with an ear-to-ear lace finish. Each hair strand on the lace is individually hand-knotted, allowing the look and movement of natural hair in a wide spectrum of dazzling colors and elegant styles. Our lace patch is most delicately crafted with precision of the expert hands, and each of our premium wig is made of the highest quality fiber. Care Instruction 1. Gently detangle hair by running fingers through 2. Using mild shampoo, wash hair in cold water 3. Do not rub or pull the lace area. Gently pat to let dirt out 4. Rinse thoroughly. Do not brush hair while it is wet 5. Pat with dry towel for lace patch area, do not squeeze 6. Let air dry 7. You can also enjoy Heat Styling with electric curling iron

  • Stylish Sassy Curly Lace Front Wig
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