PUEEN Latex Tape Peel Off Cuticle Guard Skin Barrier Protector Nail Art Liquid Tape 15ml Pink BH000584

$10.99 $8.99

Brand: PUEEN

Color: Pink


  • Apply, let dry and peel off!
  • Easy Cleanup Tool for Messy Nail Art
  • Great Base Before Glitter Bomb
  • You Know It's Dry When it turns clear pink
  • 15 ml Makes It A Great Value

Details: ALLERGY ALERT: Contains Latex

0.5 oz/15ml PUEEN Latex Tape


PUEEN Latex Tape protects your skin from stamping, gradient and marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Or use it as a stretchy, flexible peel-off base coat, for those chunky glitter bombs. It's also fantastic for swatchers who need to remove polish quickly without the use of acetone between photo shots.

PUEEN Latex Tape has a mild ammonia odor which will go away once it's dry, dries quickly, peels up in ONE PIECE, and it will turn clear pink when it's dry! Our Latex Tape is just fun to use.


1. Apply to areas where you want free of polish.
2. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes until it turns clear pink.
3. Now be creative and do your nail arts (stamping, gradient, marbling or etc.).
4. Rub edge of Latex Tape with your finger or tweezers and peel it off.

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EAN: 0852664494141

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